The Little Big Rack Sale has launched at The Little Big Markets. Come and check it out or book a rack below.
Apply for The Little Big Rack Sale this winter by following 2 simple steps.
Disclaimer: Please be aware that the content in the below application forms is the intellectual property of Little Big Events.
We will be implementing the New Zealand COVID-19 Protection Framework when this comes into affect and therefore will be requiring all vendors and visitors to our events to provide proof of vaccination in order to participate when this is operative.

Please know that our decision has been made in consideration of the safety of our community’s family and whānau, the practicality of the businesses involved and operational implications should we have dismissed the framework. We respect peoples rights to hold varying opinions and acknowledge that this decision won’t align with all frames of reference but we ask that you please be considerate towards the decision(s) we have made.

Step 1.

Simply read The Little Big Rack Sale Winter 2021 information pack below.

Do you have clothes you are wanting to sell but don't need a full site? Then rent a rack!

Single Rack 20.00 per rack per market
Double Rack 30.00 per rack per market

Rock up at 8am, your rack will be under a gazebo ready to go all you need to do is have it ready by 8:30am and you are set to get selling for the day.

Please read our general market terms and conditions in our Winter 2021 Information Pack below (Info specific to The Little Big Rack Sale can be found on page 3) and FAQ section at the bottom of the page.
Summer 2021/2022 Information Pack

Step 2.

Fill in The Little Big Markets Rack Sale application form below.

Rack Sale FAQ

How do I rent a rack?

It is super simple! Just fill out the form above and then wait for an email back from our event manager accepting your application.

What can I sell on my rack?

Clothes! Clothes! and Clothes! (and accessories too). If you are selling pre-loved items you will need to make sure that they are clean, have been washed and are not damaged (or discount them).

Can I share a rack with a friend?

Just to keep it fair on everyone racks are limited to one person / seller.

When do I pay for my rack

When you receive your confirmation you will also receive an invoice. Pay this within the invoice due date to secure your booking.

How much space can I use?

Please note that you are strictly limited to your rack only. Please do not have items hanging from the gazebo or laying around on the ground.

Where do I park?

You will park your vehicle just like any other vendor, you can find more info around this in the Winter 2021 Information Pack above.