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Golden Balls Interview.

Shinji Mizuno grew up in Osaka and you'll find him at most markets sharing his vegetarian version of Takoyaki soul food.

Your Name

Shinji Mizuno / Golden Balls

Your occupation, job title, artistic discipline (or brief description of what you do):

I’m owner of Golden Balls and Chef as well. When I was 15, I started to work at Takoyaki shop back in Osaka Japan which is my hometown and Takoyaki is Osaka’s soul food I grew up with. Takoyaki suppose to have Octopus in side of balls but I use bottom mushrooms cabbage and spring onions instead. It’s Vegetarian Takoyaki served with Japanese Mayo and Takoyaki sauce which is similar Worcester sauce.

What cities/towns have you lived in (or spent more than a few months in) beginning with the place of your birth?

I grew up in Osaka Japan and I surf since 14 years old so, I have traveled Indonesia Bali for 7 times and Indonesia  Sumba island for boat trip and North Sumatra too. I stayed Taiwan for few months surfing. And I lived Byron bay Australia for 2 years and I have traveled around whole Australia by car for 2 months. And stay few months in Fiji for surfing and sort of study English with Fijian English teacher haha. And Traveled and stayed a mont in Sri Lanka and I have lived in Mount Maunganui Nz for 7 years and half now. New Zealand is my second home!

What's an average day in your life at present?

I pretty much surf every day so, an average day is surfing life. Sorry I don’t understand this question haha

If you had to eat the same meal every day, what would it be?

Takoyaki or Tofu! I love Tofu so much and Rice so, probably A Japanese meal like Tofu with rice and salad and miso soup

What have you planned for 2021 that nobody knows about yet?

I haven’t make a plan this year cause Covid but if I can go to surf trip somewhere Country hot and good waves and stay there for few months!

Who are your favourite or most admired figures from history?

My favourite person is Jordan Griffin. He is 10 years younger than me but I learnt heaps things and stuffs from him and his family. I look up to him cause he is the best surfboards sharper and the best surfer and the best guy.

What word of advice would you offer an aspiring maker?

NSTP ( never stop the party ) life is all about having fun even what you do for work!

What is your dream of happiness?

Make a girlfriend and having happy family in Nz and surfing life with them and cook Takoyaki for them! That’s would be the one! And Heaps love in my life. Haha